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- Madison King

Madison King

Madison King, listening with a bottle of water.Madison King – Her Past

Many moons ago Madison was involved in the heart of London advertising, becoming a successful international board director. However, she realised, after a few ambition fuelled years, that she wanted her life to take a different direction and shocked everyone by giving up the BMW, Armani suits, and Gucci briefcase; becoming a student again.

Madison King – Her Training

She trained in massage, sports massage, aromatherapy, Indian head massage, reflexology, trager, nutrition, flower essences, crystals, radionics ….. A true workshop groupie, she filled a wall with qualifications but could not find what she had been seeking; she couldn’t even really define it ….until, through divine synchronicity, she met Donna Eden in London through a mutual friend. Within no time at all she was in Ashland in Donna’s backyard with about four other students, eagerly learning about energy – this was more than two decades ago, so no information highway was available in those days and ever the thirsty student she drank in everything she could on these visits, rushing back to London to experiment on her long suffering clients!

Over the years she crossed the ocean many times learning from Donna and also John Thie [Touch for Health].

Madison King - TFH

She then began to teach Donna’s work in the UK, USA, Gozo, Malta, Italy, Egypt and many other locations around the world, she has appeared on national television, radio and press promoting EEM. She has lectured at Westminster and Oxford universities and at the key Mind Body Spirit Festivals in London and Wales.

Madison King – Her Present

Madison - homepage

In 2006 she gave up a thriving practice in Central London to seek a more natural and peaceful life; and now divides her time between the Isle of Wight and the Andalucían town of Nerja in Southern Spain.

Entering her 7th decade, she has set up and is running Donna Eden’s training in Europe – based just outside London…….. a long way from those days in Donna’s back yard!

Her focus is on promoting energy medicine in Europe. Also writing and teaching Madison’s Medicine, which based on Eden Energy Medicine also weaves in many other natural health threads, giving people simple yet powerful tools to enhance their quality of life on every single level.

Madison King – Her Future

Madison King - Candida eBookOver the next 18 months, she aims to finish ‘The Essential Series’ – 30 small books on how you can help yourself deal with various health challenges. The first few are already available on Amazon in print and Kindle download.

Madison King - Everyday EnergyAs we enter unprecedented waters on this planet, it can be empowering to know that there is always something YOU can do to improve any situation, challenge or trauma that life throws into your path.

“I felt learning with Maddie was a special opportunity as she has had such a long relationship and strong bond with the woman who started it all and you get a sense of their shared energies”

Kleshna Rhind-Tutt – London – Jewellery Designer