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So What Is Madison’s Medicine? - Madison King

So What Is Madison’s Medicine?

Medicine Bottle Sketch by Emma PlunkettMadison’s Medicine is a unique fusion of energy and body work, flower essences, lifestyle advice and commonsense – providing essential, everyday, practical tools for a healthier and happier life.

Activate Your Inner Healer

The human body is an unparalleled machine, designed to heal itself – Madison’s Medicine encourages that Inner Healer within each of us to a higher level of effectiveness. To awaken the sage or wise woman within each of us and encourage her to weave her healing magic

This is imperative as our bodies are fighting to survive in a world that has evolved faster, in the past 50 years, than at any other time in its history and the human body has to cope with myriad new challenges that stress it to the max.

Madison’s Medicine attempts to motivate you to take responsibility for your health and well-being – to make appropriate changes to your lifestyle – to reclaim your power and control.

What Is It Based On?

Madison King

It is based on bringing balance and harmony to the energies flowing in and around the body. Madison works with this traditional form of Energy Medicine, while adding a few choice gems from other natural health disciplines such as:

  • traditional oriental concepts of ‘meridian’ energy
  • revitalising chakra energies
  • rewiring the ‘electric’ energy
  • repairing the aura
  • energy exercises to keep the body in balance
  • reactivating the ancient Strangeflows to troubleshoot throughout the entire body
  • lymphatic stimulation and strengthening the immune system
  • nutritional and supplementation advice
  • crystals
  • flower essences
  • magnetic, colour and sound therapy
  • releasing emotional baggage
  • stress control
  • relaxation techniques
  • reprogramming the ‘mini-me’ inside to support rather than sabotage a healthy lifestyle or change of habit such as smoking or binge eating.

Accessible And Affordable


Most of all, Madison’s Medicine is simple, organic, natural, instinctive, safe, easy, quick, inexpensive and anyone can do it and benefit from it in some way …. it is a way of simply recalling, remembering an ancient wisdom buried deep inside each of us.


Based On The Work Of Some True Trailblazers

Nothing in this world is ever new and the majority of Madison’s work is drawn from ancient cultures and philosophies and from some remarkable teachers that have been true trailblazers in bringing this ancient wisdom into the 21st century.

Madison with Dona Eden

In particular she honours:

  • Donna Eden – founder of Eden Energy Medicine
  • John Thie – Touch for Health
  • Michael Birt – Radionics, food testing and flower essences
  • Clare Maxwell Hudson – massage and oils
  • Anne Gillanders – British School of Reflexology
  • Dr Metha – Indian head Massage
  • Anna Le Gallois – healing
  • Leslie Kenton – for sheer inspiration
  • Patrick Holford – nutrition
  • And each and every one of the thousands of clients over the years who have entrusted their bodies and well being to her.

“In any class she reads her audience and reacts with flexibility – never boring!”


Dr Sara Allen – Holistic Health Practitioner Senior EEM Faculty Member – Chicago USA