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Teaching & Writings - Madison King

Teaching & Writings

79y_madison-king-12Madison teaches both online and in person; be it one to one; a small talk to half a dozen interested people or a large lecture hall of hundreds. Be it one hour or one week.

She teaches in the UK and Southern Spain and is happy to travel anywhere in Europe to give a class. So, if you and a group of friends would like a personal workshop – contact her.

What’s Her Style?


Her style is light, fun and informative. She has a gift of taking complicated concepts and making them simple and relevant to life today; her aim is that you not only walk away with the theory of a technique but also a clear idea of practical application in your life – what can something do for YOU, NOW? Never one to hide behind jargon, Madison keeps it simple and to the point.


Layperson Or Professional Therapist – both benefit

Madison King - Energy Medicine teaching live

Her classes and writings are suitable for both the informed ‘layperson’ or for the healthcare professional wishing to extend their technique toolbox. She nearly always provides dynamic and detailed eHandouts as she believes this gives the student the freedom to be fully present at the teaching, knowing that everything taught is covered in the handouts.


Watch Her On YouTube

Madison King - arm test

Get a feel for her by going to YouTube and tapping in Madison King Regulator flow. You will find a 5 minute clip of her talking and demonstrating this technique and about 8 other clips. Clips also posted on the Midlife Goddess site.

She is constantly developing new workshops, so check out her midlife goddess site for a full listing click here for the Midlife Goddess site.

Just Some Of The topics:

How to get really good at energy testing
How to feel and sense energy
Money is not a 4 lettered word – how to make money and feel good about it
May the Twig be with you – a beginners guide to the 5 Elements and how it can improve your relationships
Everyday Energy – energy exercises
Staying young with energy medicine
Eating for energy
Top 12 secrets of happiness
How to deal with change
Stress busting with energy
Beating the gremlin of self sabotage
Blueprint for healthy chakras
Generating joy in your life with ancient flows
You’ve got guts – IBS Candida digestion etc.,
Spinal twist – keeping the spine healthy
Dealing with pain
Clearing stagnant energies

Her current teaching schedule is displayed on the Midlife Goddess website.

Want To Study At Home?

Madison King online study group

She has also embraced technology and runs an online study group.

The way it works is simple:

You enrol and pay an annual fee of £96
Every month you receive handouts emailed directly to you, to study either alone, or with a study buddie of form a small study group [they can share the cost too]
If you want more detailed tuition or need something clarified you can buy Skype time with Madison [from £5 – £30]. The study group is a 5 year loop, so you can join at any time. With some 60 different topics ranging from:

  • Everything you ever wanted to know about each meridian
  • Introduction to the Chakras and a new and unique way of working with them
  • Beginners guide to the 5 elements and you can improve your relationships
  • Generating joy in your life with the Strangeflows
  • Source points
  • Insomnia and stress
  • Food testing made simple
  • Stop smoking
  • The Body Electric

… and the list goes on!

TGI Friday!

Madison King - the day before the diet starts

Want to learn more about energy and natural healthcare but don’t have the time and find it all too confusing? Join BITESIZED ENERGY today!

This is pure fun – Madison arrives in your inbox Friday evenings to motivate and inspire for the coming week and encourage you to be discerning …….

We all want to improve our health and happiness and set out with good intentions to make lifestyle changes, but there is almost too much information available now and we can often get confused, overwhelmed and end up doing nothing. So why not let Madison do the thinking for you.

She’ll send you ONE thing to do each week – you undertake to do it, it will be simple and not too time consuming. You do it: it could be drinking more water, an energy medicine technique, eliminating sugar, positive thinking…. it could be anything but the deal is you have to do it. On Friday you objectively evaluate if it has worked for you and if you enjoyed doing it. If not, it goes into your personal recycle bin to be pulled out at some time in the future. You cannot possibly included 52 changes in a year – so you are discerning and choose the ones that work for you.

Most Bitesizers find it also helps them to take a few minutes once a week to think about themselves and bring their attention back to how they are living their lives.

You can join any time you want – Madison has enough material for years! If you are interested in a particular exercise or problem, email her and if there is a bitesize that is relevant that you have missed, she will have pleasure in sending it to you.

Joining BITESIZE for the first time costs 50p a week and you pay a year in advance £26 via the Pay Pal [credit card] button on the Midlife Goddess site.

To reward loyal ‘Bitesizers’, renewals are only £20 a year.

If you don’t like online payment you can pay with a UK cheque, just contact Madison for details.

Certification Training

Madison King - Certification Training

If you want to get serious, why not consider the EDEN ENERGY MEDICINE FOUNDATIONS TRAINING? Madison set up and runs this certification programme on behalf of her friend Donna Eden. Classes [4 long weekends] will be held in May, August, November and January 2013-2014. Choose from the sunny southern Spanish coast; just outside London; central Cardiff or Birmingham.

Madison offers a strong mix of teaching and hands on experience of the very essence and foundations of EDEN ENERGY MEDICINE.
You will receive a certificate of completion from Madison that will enable you to continue to a second year of study in the full Certification Programme, should you wish.

No prerequisites required to enrol.
Learn how to:

  • Expand the energy toolbox for your own personal health and well-being
  • Integrate Eden Energy Medicine into your professional health care practice
  • Develop skills for your role as a caregiver to family and friends
  • Become an Eden Energy Medicine certified practitioner

Join The Review Days Or Summer School

There will also be Special review days and ‘mini’ classes, along with long weekend Summer School in the Surrey countryside, that will be open to everyone who has had some basic training.

Again, if you feel this could be an option for you contact Madison for a comprehensive eBook she has produced on the training details and logistics [pdf format].



Madison-Kings-Medicine-New-DVDMadison has a wide range of pdf eBooks that can be purchased. DVD available too!


The Essential Series

Over the past two decades, Madison has written an extensive range of handouts and booklets – ranging from ten pages to a hundred and ten. She has constantly been saying she will update and publish them, but life has been just too busy. However, all that is set to change as she now has a UK publisher who will be making sure she sits down to update and edit those books.

Madison King - Candida eBook

Madison King - Everyday Energy

These small ‘mini-books’ will form the ‘Essential series’ and are/will be available on Amazon and Kindle download [and if neither of those are possible for you, a pdf download too]. The first two [of 30] are out already: Everyday Energy and Coping with Candida.
Coming soon is Stiff Joints followed by You’ve Got Guts ! [everything you need to know about your digestion]

“I felt learning with Maddie was a special opportunity as she has had such a long relationship and strong bond with the woman who started it all and you get a sense of their shared energies”

Kleshna Rhind-Tutt – London – Jewellery Designer